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London has existed as a settlement for two millennia and has survived through many ages that have been fraught with plague, fire and warfare.

London has been a home to Romans, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Middle Age settlements, Tudors, Stuarts, Georgians, Victorians, and the many people of “Modern” Britain. Be it King, Queen, Priest or peasant, generations upon generations of people have lived, loved and died in the City of London, some naturally, some at the hands of other and some by their own doing. But where do the deceased go once they have passed over into the spiritual realm? Some believe that those who had a particularly dramatic exit from the world of the living, or who felt a strong affinity to a place whilst they were alive, have managed to somehow leave an imprint of themselves in the mortal realm. Are these imprints of ghosts?

tube ghost

Many visitors of the city have reported “weird” goings on, places with “strange feelings” unexplained sightings of ghost

At the moment we are redesigning the site and will be trying to gather information about paranormal goings on in the city of London. If you have had a ghostly experience in the city, or know of somebody who has, then please let us know in the comments section below.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who have encountered sprits or experience strange goings on in the following places:

  • London transport (buses, trains, undergrounds)
  • London pubs
  • London landmarks (e.g Big Ben, London Bridge, Houses of Parliament)
  • London Theatres
  • Outdoor spaces in London (e.g. parks or particular streets)
  • We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your experiences on the site!

14 thoughts on “Paranormal London

  1. Melissa Krom

    Hello, I’m an investigator with Blue Mountain Paranormal Society in Northeastern Pennsylvania, US. My family and I were just in London recently (Nov. 30th) to visit and I wanted to write to let you know of an experience I had while visiting Parliament. It was the end of our tour and we were in Westminster Hall. As I was standing in the back of the tour group, I felt like some one had pushed my purse up against my back, like some one trying to get closer to listen to the tour guide. But, as I turned around, I noticed no one behind me. The closest people to me were up on the stairs with their guide and others were too far to have done this and then walked away. I turned completely around and found no one near me enough to do something like this. It was very interesting. I wanted to share this with your group. The paranormal group I investigate with has had many, many experiences in the past and I myself have had many. I just wanted to share. Happy hunting!! Melissa Krom

  2. terence bone

    my partner and I went into a london pub very near the woolwich ferry on the south side, I think it may have been called the kings arms but unless i get the chance to go back there I am not sure, they had a little dog there called Freya who was sitting on the floor by us, then very quickly ran away from us, all of a sudden it went very cold. I have a habit when I sit in a pub of picking up unused coasters and trying to balance them on end (no idea why but that’s me) my partner had a coaster under her drink and I had one under my beer, but there were two others unused on the table, I went to pick up one very shortly after the dog legged it from our table but i couldn’t budge it, so I just left it and carried on talking. about three minutes later, i just picked it up as a normal coaster and started trying to stand it on end. Then the penny dropped, I said to my partner, “Hold on a mo, I couldn’t budge this a few minutes ago” so I felt the table and the coaster to see if they were sticky, but no, they were both and I mean Both very clean. I tried to put it back where it was and stick it there again so to speak but no, nothing sticky anywhere, whilst I am not afraid of the paranormal and was actually trying to rule out anything Paranormal, this did and still remains a mystery to me

  3. William Salmon

    I’ve been poked in the back at the tower of London. Someone did that in the gift shop, as if the person wanted to get by me. I thought it was pretty rude, and stepped aside, saying, “Just a s-“.
    I stopped no sentence with nothing but thin air there, and no one within twenty feet of me.
    at Hampton Court, I’m certain I encountered Katherine Howard,who was more a sensation of ananguish approaching me than anything else. As a sensitive, I’ll detect a ghost as more of a thickness in the atmosphere, and this one came down a long hall, right up to me seemingly pleading. I felt badly, and all I could say was, “They can’t hurt you anymore.”

    I had heard the story about her. In the next moment, the voice of Michael York sounded in my headphones, “You are now in the haunted gallery, where Katherine’s ghost has been seen over the centuries running, and screaming in this area.

    Otherwise, I worked in two pubs in Highgate London, both of which were haunted. The Black Rose has a different name now, and had been the house of a tea toteller who clearly didn”t like people drinking in his home. He would turn on taps, so that ale would go to waste. I was a victim of that prank once. I’d started a pint, turning that tap off when I had to attend other things. Someone said, “Oy! Watch what you’re doin!”
    Looking back in that direction, I saw the pint overflowing with the tap fully on..The people were grinning knowing quite well about the ghost. I’ve always had excellent peripheral vision, and would have seen anybody moving anywhere near it.
    The other thing the old man did was sliding bottles off of racks to fall to the floor. They never broke, but we’d have to stop mid conversation to pick up a bottle.
    nowadays, there are no taps, and the bottle racks are enclosed in glass, so they’ve ghost proofed the place.
    The other pub I won’t name has the ghost of a young lady in a long brown dress. I’ve only seen her peripherally gliding to war the staircase leading up to the pub. When I turned to see her straight on there was nothing there. I used to go down there to change over the kegs, when the need arose. When I was busy with that, I had the distinct sensation of her standing behind me watching the entire process.
    None of the girls would dare go down there, being terrified of her. It seems she prefers the company of males, and can get rather violent with the gals. One was staying in the pub to have the ghosts fingers wrap around her throat, as if reaching up through the mattress to strangle her. Perhaps that was the fate of the lady in brown. Needless to say that bar maid no longer lives in the pub.

  4. n gough

    one evening a few years ago my husband, daughter and me were walking along just past alexandra palace, london, when we saw a woman standing on the path just by some trees, she seemed to be watching us, it made me feel uneasy, as we passed i noticed her unusual hat, she had a hat like what welsh ladies used to wear, i could smell her perfume, so we walked past, and i was just thinking why was she there, she didnt have a dog, and you wouldn’t wait there, there was no bus stop or anything, so after a few seconds i looked back, but she had vanished, i do believe she was a spirit.

    1. Steven

      Hi I had the EXACT same experience on Alexandra Palace! It was the uneasy feeling that I also experienced that was more disturbing than the figure. Did your husband and daughter also experience this?

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve been poked in the ribs at the Tower of London, felt a very frightening atmosphere in one of the towers there, and also have orbs in several pictures I took there, all in the same day during a visit I made in 2010.

    I was having a great time exploring the entire complex, and was in a good mood, enjoying my visit. I walked along the rampart that leads to doorway of the Salt Tower, with the door standing open. Just as I was about to pass through the doorway, I suddenly felt overwhelmed with a massive sense of dread, doom and fear. I had been feeling great, exceedingly interested in the whole Tower complex and loving my day I was spending there, so this sudden sense of horrible fear was completely out of the blue. I just instantly felt like something very bad was very wrong with the Salt Tower. I didn’t want to go in, but there were people coming up behind me on the narrow rampart walkway and I didn’t want to seem like a lunatic, so I went in anyway. I was okay but I didn’t like the atmosphere in there, although it was not as acute as the moment I had first been gripped with the really sharp fear I had just before going through the actual doorway.

    On the same day, I also went into the White Tower, and walked all around and through it. I took many pictures. At one point, I had just entered one of the large Armoury rooms and saw an empty bench seat along the side wall, so I sat down. I was fed up of the crowds of people and feeling a bit tired, so I wanted to sit and rest in a relatively quiet spot before going on. The bench was away from the main traffic area of the people streaming through, so I thought I’d get a minute of isolation. I sat on the bench and bent to my left as I put my bag on the bench too and started rummaging through it looking for something. I was leaning to my left with my right arm reaching into my bag, so my right side was exposed.

    I felt someone elbow me in the right-side ribs. My immediate thought was “Why do people have to sit so CLOSE?” I thought someone had sat down to rest also, but so near me that if they were fidgeting about too, like me, they had just elbowed me in the side! I was fed up of the cattle conditions — it was very, very busy and crowded, being a major tourist attraction, and I just wished I wouldn’t get crowded in while sitting on a bench too.

    Well I looked around to see who was sitting so near that I got poked —- there was NOBODY there. There wasn’t even anyone within several yards/metres of me. Nobody was near me, and nobody was sitting on this bench but me. I wasn’t wearing anything that could have pushed into my side and felt like someone else had touched me. Yet I had distinctly been nudged in the side while I was turned to my left searching around in my bag, so clearly that I honestly felt annoyed that another tourist must have sat down that close to me.

    I finished the White Tower in the basement and got talking to one of the staff there. He told me that people had taken pictures there with lots of orbs, so I took a picture. I couldn’t see clearly enough on the screen whether or not I’d caught any orbs.

    When I got home and uploaded my pictures to my computer, that picture had at least a dozen orbs in it, clearly visible. Another picture I took on an upper floor of the White Tower, looking down a corridor, also had two or three very, very clear and large orbs.

    I just wish I’d taken a picture at the rampart entrance door of the Salt Tower, as that spot freaked me out so badly.

    All of these are things I genuinely experienced while there. The poke in the ribs was especially interesting because it felt absolutely real yet absolutely nobody was anywhere near me when I looked around to see who did it.

  6. Greg Musson

    I went on a ghost walk on Sunday night (1/10/17), and we were passing through the porch of St Magnus Martyr.

    I saw nothing but just as I was passing through I had an overwhelming smell of incense hit me, didn’t get it again whilst with the group.

    Ghostly I don’t know if was but certainly strange.

  7. Neil Harvey

    Having worked for the London Underground for over 30 years I experienced a fair amount of paranormal activity but I am a “ sensitive” and open to clairvisual events. The most notable experiences were at Aldwych , Covent Garden, Wapping, Latimer Road and Bethnal Green tube stations. But had a number of unexplained events while patrolling stations and tunnel walks overnight.

  8. Sofia

    Hi I’m a student from the UK and I live in a house that my grandma has owned her whole life and one day my mum told me about the story of ‘her’ (the ghost living in my grandmas house) she told me she had never seen her but her friend went upstairs then ran out of the house screaming details of what he saw . I didn’t believe a word my mum told me until a few days later I ran upstairs and it was freezing but the heating was on and I saw a brides veil on the floor I just thought it was my grandmas but I could not pick it up at all when I looked behind me for a split second I saw a woman smiling … staring at me so I told my mum and she told me another story about ‘her’

    One day my mum was caring my baby brother down the stairs and my uncle accidentally knocked over a plank and as it was about to hit my mother it slowed down and moved to the side and my uncle said he got pushed by the air and he hit the floor someone explain to me what this is

  9. Ann Skipper

    Can anyone help me about what happens if you think you have an spiritual attachment. It really scares me a lot. I know hear a voice saying Can you hear me over and over again and calling my name but don’t know it’s a negative or good energy. Or us there someone I could go to. Thank you

  10. Sarah

    I was staying in the travel lodge the bakery room 149 woolwich, London on the 15th Feb 2019 , for some reason I woke up and saw a young lady in a hooded long cape, talking to a young boy they seemed to be on some sort of platform . This was formally the old co-op building in Powis street Woolwich. London . I have been trying to find out if anyone else has seen them . I was fully awake and I asked if my husband had seen them too , unfortunately he didn’t but he has to ware glasses to see anything .

  11. Jade Asha

    I was at waterloo station. About 11.45 getting the northern line train northbound. I went to the front of the platform and noticed a very old frail man by the front of the platform right next to the lights. Aost leaning against the wall. He had glasses on and a patch over one eye. He had a walking stick and his hands were shaking. I thought I better help him because the doors were a little walk away and i didnt want to miss the train.
    I looked to see how long until the train arrived. . I played on my phone and when i the train was coming I looked back and he was gone. He was no where on the platform… there was no one to help him and it looked like he could barely walk. Has anyone else seen similar.

  12. Lorraine

    I had a strange ghostly experience in a car park at Alexandra Palace in North London back in the mid seventies. I was around seventeen at the time & sitting in the car with my boyfriend. Suddenly, i saw a figure of a man standing very close to the drivers side window. I only saw his torso. I clearly remember that he was standing up right with his arms behind his back. His jacket had shiny metal buttons on either side of the jacket. I saw it for a a splut second & then the figure was gone. My partner leapt out of the car after i screamed ‘there’s someone there’ but he saw nothing. The strange thing about all this is that we were in wide open space. Nowhere for anyone to hide quickly & the carpark was covered in gravel so anyone running away at that point would have been seen/heard. I was the only one who saw this but although it was 41 years ago I remember it so clearly to this day & something I’ll never forget.

  13. Dave Beavis

    In 1962 I was living in Tottenham North London,and during the summer we would often ride our bikes up to Alexandra palace,in the days when there was a fairground down by the boating lake,on our way back up the hill I decided to stand on the frame of my bike and have a peek into the window almost directly under the mast,when I peeped in I saw a lady at a desk with a huge black typewriter and surrounded by paperwork,a very cluttered (store room?) dominated by an extremely large figure of Henry the eighth,as I popped my head over the window sill the lady looked up and said “Hello sweetie” but not in an accent I was familiar with,I told my friend what I had seen and he said have another look and say hello back,I looked again only to see a derelict and empty room,no sign of the lady or anything else that I saw thirty seconds before.Now in my 70’s I find that “Ally Pally” was used during the war to house German interns, and I often wonder if I saw one of those people many years after her death,all I know is I have the image of that room and that lady imprinted in my mind for ever.


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