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We love a spooky sensation and the chance to inhabit some of London’s most haunted locations on the off chance we may encounter a ghoul. If you also relish a good fright, we have compiled a list of a few of our favourite ghostly locations to spend the day in the city.

The Tower of London

Why: The Tower of London, or “The Bloody Tower” as it is also known, is one of the UK’s most notoriously haunted locations. The tower is a former Medieval castle in which many people were executed and murdered, including Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey, William Wallace and Guy Fawkes. Anne Boleyn is said to haunt the tower, clutching her disembodied head and other ghostly sightings have included royal brothers Princes Peter and Edward as well as Lady Jane Grey.
The great thing about the Tower of London is that it is an all day trip; you can spend as little or as much time as you wish exploring the grounds.
When Can I visit: The Tower of London is open daily until 5.30pm from 1st March – 31st October and until 4.30pm from the 1st November to the 28th February. The Tower is closed 24th-26th December and the 1st January.
How Much: £10 for a child, £20 for an adult and £17 for concessions.
Where Can I get My Tickets: Right Here!

The London Dungeon

Dungeon attractionWhy: Unlike the Tower of London, The London Dungeons aren’t actually haunted, but it is still a great spooky place for people who love a good, gruesome fright. The London Dungeons takes visitors on a sensory journey back to London’s darkest days, visiting torture chambers, Jack the Ripper haunts, Mrs Lovett’s pie shop, walks amid plague victims…you name it! The Dungeons also now have two rides, including the brand new (and pretty terrifying) Extremis. Perfect for adrenaline junkies and history buffs.
When Can I Visit: A Ticket to the London Dungeons will allow you on the 90 minute tour of the venue between 10am to 5pm on Weekdays and until 6pm at the weekends. The Dungeon is closed on Christmas Day.
How Much: If booked in advance you can get Child tickets for £17, Adult tickets for £22 and concession tickets for £19. Lovely.
Where Can I Get My Tickets: You can save money by booking in advance here!
Helpful Information: If the London Dungeon sounds like your cup of tea but you are a little too far North in the country to justify a visit, you can visit the Blackpool Tower Dungeon for a similar scare fest.

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour

Why: The most notorious and gruesome murderer of all time? Sounds interesting right? Also the whole affair has received a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor so you can’t really go wrong!
Jack The Ripper murdered at least 6 (with more unconfirmed) women in London in the late 1800’s and dumped their bodies on the streets of London, where many are rumoured to still haunt.
When Can I Visit: From April to September you can visit daily at either 3.30pm or 6pm. In the winter months (October – March) tours run at 6pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
How Much : Adult tickets are £10, children’s tickets are £5 and concessions tickets are £7.
Where can I Get My Tickets: You can book Jack The Ripper Walking Tour Tickets Here.

Churchill War Rooms

Why: Over a hundred years have past since the outbreak of World War One and over seventy sinceChurchill War Rooms tickets WWII and the events are still a bloody stain on the history of man kind. Arguably the scariest of all attractions due to its direct influence on our daily lives, one can now visit Sir Winston Churchill’s war bunker. Churchill played a key role in the First World War and was Prime Minister during the Second.  The museum is interactive and history lovers can delve into the former Prime Minister’s past, hearing him deliver key phrases such as “blood, toil tears and sweat…we shall fight them on the breaches.”
When Can I Visit: Daily from 9.30am-5pm (closed 24th-26th December.)
How Much: Adult tickets are £15.90 and concessions are £12.70.
Where Can I Get My Tickets: You can purchase advance tickets to the Churchill War Rooms here.

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